12 Important New Developments from Seymourproducts.com

What the heck are we doing at seymourproducts.com to enhance our business and most of all help you to enhance yours?

    1. We are adding new websites to our collection all the time Everything we are adding and we are mentioning here is FOR SALE.  that’s right we are selling websites as well as ebooks or WordPress items, or tutorials, or custom websites done to your specs.
    2. We are sharing our resources to help our customers for free.
    3. We own several other Web sites that offer Free items or unbelievably low prices. I have mentioned this one in the past http://web-graphics.info
    4. We are constructing Some new websites to sell Examples are https://sellebooks.org for Wholesale ebooks and http://wordpressmall.com  Where you can get everything you need for WordPress at ridiculously low prices.
    5. We are offering thousands of PLR, MRR articles, and graphics for sale here for a wholesale package price of $99 http://greatresale.com – Check out all of the demos, and then let us build you a website that is uniquely yours.

Here are a few more websites that can be purchased for a song!  Just make an offer:


  1. http://websites-r-us.info   Hundreds of websites for sale dirt cheap
  2. http://songscatalog.com Thousands of songs and videos easily downloadable
  3. http://signetgraphics.com  A complete e-commerce website loaded with graphics you can use or sell
  4. http://seotutorial.us  Fabulous free tutorials on SEO – organized and well presented.
  5. http://penneywebsites.net  A wonderful concept website that when developed will offer Penny Auctions on websites
  6. http://niche-websites.info  A Delightful e-commerce website set up to sell niche blogs.
  7. http://allnicheaccess.com   A Great domain name and a website that offers hundreds of free niche websites.

All of our products and services are listed on our ebook site https://ebooks.seymourproducts.com Where you can find almost anything you might need to succeed in an online business.

Write me at larry@seymourproducts.com and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and if you wish to pursue any of these opportunities let me know/

You must know that I am 77 years old and I am getting ready to retire, and I would like to liquidate most of what I am involved in.  So keep this in mind and make me some offers – Sincerely, Larry Newman CEO.

DISCLAIMER: All of the above websites mentioned are wholly owned by me.

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